Monday, July 27, 2009

15 Minute Scrabble Tile Bracelet!

Hey loves (pictures will be up later, I promise)!

Here's a really cute idea- making bracelts and other jewelry out of, get this, Scrabble tiles! I had some mini ones laying around the house, and 10 minutes on the Internet inspired me to make these :)


thin metal wire (but it needs to be strong, I use the one with 15 pounds strength/capacity)

wire cutters or scissors

Scrabble tiles

needle or a pin


beads (optional)

1. Choose a word or short phrase that you want to write with your tiles (it really depends on the size of your tiles- if you have big ones, you might only be able to fit a word, but if you have smaller ones, you could easily fit a short phrase)

2. Cut your wire to the approximate size that you want for a bracelet

3. Working one at a time, turn a tile up onto its side. Using your needle or pin, insert in the middle of an edge, and push it through until it comes out in the center of the tile. Remove the needle or pin, and repeat until all of your tiles have holes in them (you have to do this so that you can string them)

4. Begin to string on your letters onto your wire (remember, you have to work backwards. It's trick at first, but you get used to it). You can use beads if you want if your design has several words in it, to seperate one word from another.

5. Once all of your tiles are threaded, you'll notice that the tiles will be crooked, and not aligned well with the wire. To fix this, place a thin piece of tape on the back of each tile to keep the wire in place.

6. Attach a jewelry clasp to each end, and show off your cute new recycled bracelet!

10 Minute Jazzed-Up Bangle!

*I'll add pictures later to all of my tutorials- my camera's having an off-day today

So this a really cute idea for any old bangle that you might have lying around the house. You can write on it with beads! I used tiny seed beads to spell out simple words like 'love' on my bangles, but the possibilities are endless!

an old bangle
Aleene's Tacky Glue (you could actually use *any* craft glue, but I'm partial to Aleene's)
seed beads
pliers (optional, I use them for handling beads because I'm a klutz)

1. Think of a word or short phrase that you want to write on your bangle. Trace it onto the bangle with a pencil, to make sure the word(s) fit.
2. Split each letter into sections- for example, if you have a letter A, do one slant first, then another, before finally doing the middle bar. You only have to do this part in your head, but don't apply glue to the whole letter, because you don't want it drying on you before you can attach your beads!
3. Apply a stream of glue to one section of a letter, and, with a stead hand or some pliers, adhere seed beads to the bangle, one at a time.
4. Continue this until your whole word is complete. Then, let it dry for an hour or two before showing it off to the world!

Some thoughts-
*you could put some simple designs on these bangles too, like hearts or peace signs
*this is a great craft for any age, but I think little kids might have some trouble with the whole steady-hand concept.

Some Really Cool Jewelry I Made

Hey loves! Hope the weekend treated you well :)

I had a lot of free time, so I sat down and made some pretty cool jewelry. So far, I made three bracelets- one out of buttons, one out of Scrabble tiles, and the other one out of an old bangle. I'll put pictures up a little later, but I figured I'd go ahead and write the tutorials

Button Bracelets


a couple of buttons (you can choose color-coordinating ones, or any random ones you can find around the house)

some embroidery floss (I used about 19 inches)

a needle (make sure it's small enough to fit through the holes of the button)


1. Cut your embroidery floss to double the length that you want your bracelet. Go ahead and thread your needle.

2. Choose a button (I find that the ones with 4 holes work best). Starting at any hole on the button, thread the needle through it, and then, thread the needle through the hole diagonal to the previous (if your button only has 2 holes, then just put it through the other).

3. Bring the needle out from the hole, and repeat the process until your bracelt is filled with buttons.

4. Once you've reached your desired amount, either attach clasps to both ends, or simply knot both ends (if you choose this method, know that you'll have to actually tie and untie this bracelet onto your wrist whenever you want to wear it).

5. Viola! Now you have your very own button bracelet to accessorize any outfit!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Songs of The Week

It's Friday, so these are some new great songs I've listened to this week (thanks to Pandora, psh, I could never find *any* music on my own. I know I'm slow, most of these songs are past their hayday, but eff it)

When You Were Young- The Killers
All At Once- The Fray
You Could Be Happy- Snow Patrol
Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
Clocks- Coldplay

Intro (if we can call it that)

I don't know about you. But I'm sick of all of those blogs out there about people pretending that their lives are eventful when they're not. So I'll be blunt- not much happens that's deemed fun in my life. I'll try and blog about things like some really cool stuff you can make (au revoir decopauge, bonjour magazine bowls), amazing food you can buy, new clothes, whenever I get them, and crap like that.

Some of My Favorite Products

Hi there! These are just some of 'those' products. You know what I mean. The stuff that you can't live without. Minus soap, shampoo, and stuff like that. Here goes:

Chap Ice Kiwi Lime Lip Balm- This stuff works miracles, I'm not even kidding. I got a sample of this stuff on a plane, and as soon as I tried it, there was this 'surge' (for
lack of better word) of moisture to my lips. And, it smells amazing. Kiwi and lime are a kind of uncommon combination, but they're amazing together.

e.l.f. Nail Polishes in Flourescent Pink, Bubblegum Pink, and Light Pink- I swear by these three colors. What e.l.f. (eyes lips face) has accomplished is amazing- you can get really good quality products, at unbeatable prices. These three nail polishes came in a set for $3! They don't chip easily, and the colors are nice and bright, so you really only need one coat.

L'Occitane Hand Lotion (20% Shea)- This has got to be the best lotion I've ever set my hands on. It doesn't just cover up any dry areas on your hands; it goes 'beneath the surface' and heals the problem. The scent is really light, and has shea undertones. I really recommend this hand lotion to anyone, especially to people who get dry hands in the winter.

Rare Gold Perfume by Avon- The scent of this stuff is to die for. It has several layers to it- when you first put it on, you get a floral scent, but as time goes on, the floral scent fades into a musky vanilla. I can't even tell you guys how many compliments I've gotten whenever I wear it. Avon has this on sale a lot, so you can get a bottle for $20! You can also buy this scent in a lotion or shimmering body powder, but I find that the perfume itself is the best.

Maybelline Lip Smooth in Raspberry- I love this stuff just because it looks like a lipstick when you uncap it, and it goes on with the ease of one too, but it feels like a lip gloss, and is
, get this, breathable! You can't tell that you have it on. You don't get that gloppy greasy feeling you get with lipstick, and that goopy feeling you get with lip gloss. I like the Raspberry because it's really sheer, but adds a nice tint to your lips.