Monday, July 27, 2009

10 Minute Jazzed-Up Bangle!

*I'll add pictures later to all of my tutorials- my camera's having an off-day today

So this a really cute idea for any old bangle that you might have lying around the house. You can write on it with beads! I used tiny seed beads to spell out simple words like 'love' on my bangles, but the possibilities are endless!

an old bangle
Aleene's Tacky Glue (you could actually use *any* craft glue, but I'm partial to Aleene's)
seed beads
pliers (optional, I use them for handling beads because I'm a klutz)

1. Think of a word or short phrase that you want to write on your bangle. Trace it onto the bangle with a pencil, to make sure the word(s) fit.
2. Split each letter into sections- for example, if you have a letter A, do one slant first, then another, before finally doing the middle bar. You only have to do this part in your head, but don't apply glue to the whole letter, because you don't want it drying on you before you can attach your beads!
3. Apply a stream of glue to one section of a letter, and, with a stead hand or some pliers, adhere seed beads to the bangle, one at a time.
4. Continue this until your whole word is complete. Then, let it dry for an hour or two before showing it off to the world!

Some thoughts-
*you could put some simple designs on these bangles too, like hearts or peace signs
*this is a great craft for any age, but I think little kids might have some trouble with the whole steady-hand concept.

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