Monday, July 27, 2009

15 Minute Scrabble Tile Bracelet!

Hey loves (pictures will be up later, I promise)!

Here's a really cute idea- making bracelts and other jewelry out of, get this, Scrabble tiles! I had some mini ones laying around the house, and 10 minutes on the Internet inspired me to make these :)


thin metal wire (but it needs to be strong, I use the one with 15 pounds strength/capacity)

wire cutters or scissors

Scrabble tiles

needle or a pin


beads (optional)

1. Choose a word or short phrase that you want to write with your tiles (it really depends on the size of your tiles- if you have big ones, you might only be able to fit a word, but if you have smaller ones, you could easily fit a short phrase)

2. Cut your wire to the approximate size that you want for a bracelet

3. Working one at a time, turn a tile up onto its side. Using your needle or pin, insert in the middle of an edge, and push it through until it comes out in the center of the tile. Remove the needle or pin, and repeat until all of your tiles have holes in them (you have to do this so that you can string them)

4. Begin to string on your letters onto your wire (remember, you have to work backwards. It's trick at first, but you get used to it). You can use beads if you want if your design has several words in it, to seperate one word from another.

5. Once all of your tiles are threaded, you'll notice that the tiles will be crooked, and not aligned well with the wire. To fix this, place a thin piece of tape on the back of each tile to keep the wire in place.

6. Attach a jewelry clasp to each end, and show off your cute new recycled bracelet!

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