Monday, July 27, 2009

Some Really Cool Jewelry I Made

Hey loves! Hope the weekend treated you well :)

I had a lot of free time, so I sat down and made some pretty cool jewelry. So far, I made three bracelets- one out of buttons, one out of Scrabble tiles, and the other one out of an old bangle. I'll put pictures up a little later, but I figured I'd go ahead and write the tutorials

Button Bracelets


a couple of buttons (you can choose color-coordinating ones, or any random ones you can find around the house)

some embroidery floss (I used about 19 inches)

a needle (make sure it's small enough to fit through the holes of the button)


1. Cut your embroidery floss to double the length that you want your bracelet. Go ahead and thread your needle.

2. Choose a button (I find that the ones with 4 holes work best). Starting at any hole on the button, thread the needle through it, and then, thread the needle through the hole diagonal to the previous (if your button only has 2 holes, then just put it through the other).

3. Bring the needle out from the hole, and repeat the process until your bracelt is filled with buttons.

4. Once you've reached your desired amount, either attach clasps to both ends, or simply knot both ends (if you choose this method, know that you'll have to actually tie and untie this bracelet onto your wrist whenever you want to wear it).

5. Viola! Now you have your very own button bracelet to accessorize any outfit!

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