Friday, July 24, 2009

Some of My Favorite Products

Hi there! These are just some of 'those' products. You know what I mean. The stuff that you can't live without. Minus soap, shampoo, and stuff like that. Here goes:

Chap Ice Kiwi Lime Lip Balm- This stuff works miracles, I'm not even kidding. I got a sample of this stuff on a plane, and as soon as I tried it, there was this 'surge' (for
lack of better word) of moisture to my lips. And, it smells amazing. Kiwi and lime are a kind of uncommon combination, but they're amazing together.

e.l.f. Nail Polishes in Flourescent Pink, Bubblegum Pink, and Light Pink- I swear by these three colors. What e.l.f. (eyes lips face) has accomplished is amazing- you can get really good quality products, at unbeatable prices. These three nail polishes came in a set for $3! They don't chip easily, and the colors are nice and bright, so you really only need one coat.

L'Occitane Hand Lotion (20% Shea)- This has got to be the best lotion I've ever set my hands on. It doesn't just cover up any dry areas on your hands; it goes 'beneath the surface' and heals the problem. The scent is really light, and has shea undertones. I really recommend this hand lotion to anyone, especially to people who get dry hands in the winter.

Rare Gold Perfume by Avon- The scent of this stuff is to die for. It has several layers to it- when you first put it on, you get a floral scent, but as time goes on, the floral scent fades into a musky vanilla. I can't even tell you guys how many compliments I've gotten whenever I wear it. Avon has this on sale a lot, so you can get a bottle for $20! You can also buy this scent in a lotion or shimmering body powder, but I find that the perfume itself is the best.

Maybelline Lip Smooth in Raspberry- I love this stuff just because it looks like a lipstick when you uncap it, and it goes on with the ease of one too, but it feels like a lip gloss, and is
, get this, breathable! You can't tell that you have it on. You don't get that gloppy greasy feeling you get with lipstick, and that goopy feeling you get with lip gloss. I like the Raspberry because it's really sheer, but adds a nice tint to your lips.

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